Academic Staff

Harry  Coccossis, Emeritus Professor
University of Thessaly

Emeritus Professor University of Thessaly, Greece.

Ex-Professor of Spatial and Environmental Planning at the Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly, Greece (2002-2018) and Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, Department of Environmental Studies, University of The Aegean (1986-2001)

Ex-President of the Hellenic Open University (2009-2015)

Has been also:

President of the Greek National Tourist Organization (2004-2005)

Special Secretary for strategic planning (Greek Ministry of Tourism Development) (2005-2007) and

CEO of the Hellenic Tourist Asset Development Co. (2007-2009)

Has directed/or coordinated over 50 national and international interdisciplinary research programmes

Has been scientific consultant/advisor for environmental planning, coastal management, island development, tourism development and environmental management, urban planning and regional policy for Greece, the European Commission, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), the World Bank, OECD, FAO with assignments to many Mediterranean (Syria, Cyprus, Israel, Tunisia, Albania, Slovenia, etc.) and African (Kenya, Tanzania, Comores, etc.) countries.

Has a large number (over 90) of scientific publications in Greek and international books and journals on tourism development, spatial and environmental planning, integrated coastal area management, etc.