Heritage and Cultural Tourism
Postgraduate | Second semester | Compulsory



COURSE: General Background



Heritage tourism: Heritagization and tourismification. Focus on the ways tourism is “producing” heritage. World heritage of UNESCO; Heritagization, tourism and gentrification; Social approaches of heritage; “difficult” heritage and tourism. Heritage and Cultural Routes. Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. Creating and Managing Cultural Routes. Cultural Itineraries. National identities and landscapes in Greek and European space. Cultural Dimensions of Food: application in the Tourism Industry.


Upon completion of the course, the students are expected to:

  • become aware of the importance of  heritage in the development of  cultural tourism;
  • cultivate their sensitivity in terms of culture and respect for cultural diversity;
  • be familiar with cultural routes;
  • be familiar with the role of nutrition as part of heritage;
  • be familiar with cultural landscapes.


The successful completion of the course contributes to the achievement of the following program outcomes:

  • Group/Team work
  • Search for  analysis and synthesis of data and information, with the use of the necessary technology
  • Environmental awareness
  • Critical thinking
  • Development of free, creative and inductive thinking
  • Project planning and management
  • Respect for diversity and multiculturalism


MODES OF DELIVERY: Face to face, Distance learning

USE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY: Use of digital slides in lectures, E-learning platform, Use of Google-meet, Communication with students via email

COURSE DESIGN: Lectures, Educational Visits, Projects, Self-directed study


Evaluation Criteria: Knowledge, Exponential ability, Thought Organization, Research capacity, Critical and Synthetic ability


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