The Master’s program is a full-time course of 12 months. It consists of two intensive semesters during which theoretical and seminar courses and lectures covering the wide range of Tourism Management and Cultural Heritage are taking place. The program is completed through practical training and diploma thesis. The program’s professors come from all three Universities. All coursesare taught in English and are held at Harokopio University.

Indicative Curriculum *

No 1st Semester ECTS Credits
1 Geography of Tourism 5
2 Economics of Tourism 5
3 Research Methods 5
4 Heritage & Cultural Tourism 5
5 Heritage Management 5
6 Heritage Management 5
Total of ECTS Credits 1st Semester 30 ECTS
No 2nd Semester ECTS Credits
1 Tourism Development Plans 5
2 Destination Management 5
3 Sustainable Tourism 5
4 Practical Training 5
5 Thesis 10
Total of ECTS Credits 2nd Semester 30 ECTS

* Please note that the present Curriculum of the Master’s Program is indicative and may be modified according to current needs and applicable legislation.

Implementation of the programme

The master’s programme will begin in the winter semester of the academic year 2017 – 2018 and will take place at Harokopio University. The attendance will be two to three afternoons a week (Monday to Friday).

Target Groups of applicants

In this Master’s program may apply graduates from all Greek Universities’ departments, graduates from foreign Universities or equivalent recognized foreign institutions, as well as graduates of the Greek Technical Institutions.

Additionally, students of the Greek Universities are admitted under the condition that they have fulfilled their obligations and will have submitted a certificate either after the deadline for submitting the supporting documents, or at least until the date of their registration.

Maximum number of admissions: 60